Sizes for all environments

As an increasing part of our workday is spent in conference calls, it’s important the listening environment is optimum.

CrystalVox delivers enhanced spoken word playback quality, so speech is always as articulate and intelligible as it should be, whatever size your environment.


Desktop mounted for home or small office use.

L 120mm / W 116mm / D 80mm


Surface mounted for medium offices and meeting rooms.

L 416mm / H 116mm / D 80mm


Surface mounted for large offices and meeting / board rooms.

L 716mm / H 116mm / D 80mm

Mounting options made simple

Our range of Loqui modules are quick and simple to install where mounting is required, using standard screws which are provided as needed.

To find out more about how CrystalVox can bring striking speech clarity to your next virtual meeting, contact us:

Phone: +44 (0) 20 8391 2000